Fistula Treatment in Nashik

Are you facing issues like anal redness, swelling and drainage? And do you also often feel tired and feverish? If those are the symptoms you are experiencing, you might have something known as an Anal Fistula or a fistula-in-ano. It is nothing to worry about as it is just an overgrowth of an infection which is completely curable through a few different ways. Now you can find solutions to all your health concerns at Dr. Nitin Garud’s Super-speciality Piles and Fistula Centre where he has been providing Fistula Treatment at Nashik for the past 14 years and has treated a huge number of patients who were highly satisfied with the results of their treatments.

How can an Anal-Fistula be treated by Ksharsutra?

Ksharsutra is a popular treatment modality in India for the management of fistula-in-ano. It works by the action of excision, scraping, draining, penetrating, debridement, and sclerosing as well as healing simultaneously without a surgical excision. There are various degrees to which an infection like this may grow. Although, an anal-fistula can not be completely cured on the basis of an only-medication based treatment, medicines along with surgical treatment helps in the process of faster recovery.
• In case of a mild infection, the infected area is surgically drained and removed by the opening up of the fistula track to allow for healing from the bottom up. This is known as an Anal Fistulotomy. This is conducted in cases where the infection is on a shallower end as a small incisive division at the sphincter might become necessary to cure and eliminate the fistula.
• Sphincter muscle is the area that is infected by a fistula, but making deep incisions in it may lead to bowel incontinence. Therefore, in cases where the infection is a more severe and deeply situated one, the sphincter muscle is not cut through during any of the surgical procedures. In such cases other techniques are adapted to reach through to the deeper end of the infected area to eliminate the cause of infection.
• A few cases, where the degree of infection is at its highest, a couple surgeries may be required to completely cure the wounds and infections in order to eliminate any chance of relapse or recurrence.

Post-Surgical Follow Up Treatments

There are some changes in your diet and routine that your doctor will advise you to make after your surgery for the removal of the fistula. It is highly necessary to follow these actions as any irregularities in the same may lead to a relapse which will probably require another surgery for its removal. However, if you have had an abscess before occurrence of a fistula, the chances of relapse become higher, therefore Post-surgical care becomes absolutely crucial.
It may all sound too frightening but with the right surgical techniques and an experienced Colon and Rectal Surgeon, the chances of any sort of recurrence become a lot lesser when you accompany it with proper care as per prescription. Hence, with Dr. Nitin Garud’s experience and the record of his patients that have been more than satisfied with the results, you can be rest assured to find the absolute best Fistula Treatment in Nashik at the Dr. Dr. Garud’s Super-speciality centre for Piles and Fistula, at Anand Hospital, Nashik.

Laser Treatment for Fistula in Nashik

What is Anal Fistula?

An anal fistula is a small injury that get develop between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus. It is usually seen among the people who had the anal abscess in past. An anal abscess is an infected cavity which is filled with pus. It is formed after anal abscess get drained and is not cured properly. It can cause bleeding or discharge during stools passing which can get more painful and dangerous. If the anal fistula becomes severe, drainage may persist for a long time.

Below are the risks associated with Fistula according to Dr. Nitin Garud

• Anal abscess
• Trauma
• Tuberculosis
• Anorectal cancer
• Inflammatory bowel diseases
• Diabetes

Dr. Nitin Garud’s Center is one of the best laser treatment center for Fistula in Nashik. Normally we at Dr. Nitin Garud’s Center diagnose an anal fistula by checking the area around the anus. To find the depth and direction of the fistula tract we produce drainage from the external opening. If Fistula is not seen on skin surface, we recommend additional test like Anoscopy to our patients. In this test to see inside your rectum and anus a special instrument is used. To better define the Fistula Doctor may order an MRI or Ultrasound as well.
Dr. Nitin Garud’s Center emphasis on LASER based treatment for anorectal conditions. The aim of our healthcare center is to help the patients get over the fear of surgery and find a solution for the problem.
Haemorrhoids also called as piles is a very common problem but not many people talk about it and continue to suffer without even seeking medical advice, trying alternative therapies as they are afraid of surgical procedures. At our healthcare centre more patients are treated with laser treatment for Fistula using modern techniques.

Here are the different laser based treatments

IRC - Infra Red Coagulation - THE OFFICE TREATMENT

The infrared coagulator is for outpatient treatment of internal first, and second degree piles. It is the most effective non-surgical treatment modality. They give very good results with no side effects. These procedures are painless. Do not need more than 30 minutes in the clinic. These procedures are called office treatment in the western world, meaning you come from your office during the break, get the treatment done and go back to your office.


It is a day care procedure performed under anaesthesia in 30 minutes post which the patient can be discharged. Laser energy is delivered by radial fibre directly in the sub mucosal hemorrhoidal nodes to shrink the nodes from inside. Moreover, laser energy is used to reduce the blood supply nourishing the abnormal growth. LASER surgery prevents the occurrence or recurrence of a prolapse. Formal surgical intervention may sometimes be required called Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy (MIPH).

Even at the cost of being repetitive the advantages have to be stressed:

• Low pain score.
• Can resume work immediately.
• Aesthetically the best procedures – helps as patient confidence builder.
• The anal sphincter action is well preserved, so no chances of incontinence or fecal leak.
• Less risk involved as minimal bleeding.
• Time taken to complete procedure is only 10 to 15 minutes in outpatient department.
• Can be performed as same day procedure.
• Less post operative discomfort to patient.
• Faster recovery.
• Happy patient.

At laser treatment center for Fistula in Nashik, with our expertise and trust we carefully choose the medical procedure and treatment required for you. The top grade LASER devices are used by Dr. Nitin Garud’s center to offer effective, minimally invasive, safer and least painful treatment to you.