Piles Treatment in Nashik

Piles treatment in Nashik follows the industry standards to cure, care and treat their patients. Dr. Nitin Garud’s center deliver International level healthcare by focusing on services, by making the healthcare center an institution committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence, patient heath care, medical knowledge and education.

Here are the different Surgical Options for Piles that we follow:

• Hemorrhoidectomy: Though it is a painful process, it is handled with care at our center and performed with the help of local anesthesia. Nurses also pay special attention towards these patient’s post-surgery. We keep the patients under observation for 2-3 days after surgery and nurture with special attention and care for their speedy recovery.
• Stapler hemorrhoidectomy: This process is carried out to heal the internal haemorrhoids. This procedure is also with the help of anaesthesia. We use a special equipment to staple the piles. As compared to Hemorrhoidectomy, Stapler method is less painful and recovery is also faster.
• Laser Treatments: This treatment is considerd as the best due to its outstanding benefits. Laser treatment is one of the less painful, and quick healing procedure which can be performed on all age groups with no diet restrictions. It is effective to cure the piles from all the Grades.

Piles treatment in Nashik use the Laser Treatment that has the following benefits:

• It is the finest way to cure piles.
• It is a non-painful procedure.
• You get instant relief from pain and symptoms after laser treatment.
• It’s only a 20 mins procedure.
• Patient can do his daily job after the Laser Surgery on the same day.
• It leaves no Scar after the Laser Piles Operation.
• There is no risk and no side effects in this procedure.
• Recovery is also faster as compared to other procedures.

Our Non-Surgical ways to cure Piles:

We also opt for non-surgical ways to heal piles for those whose haemorrhoid are in grade 1 and grade 2. As people are scared of having surgical treatments, we suggest some home remedies at initial stage to reduce the Piles problem. The non-surgical ways we use are-

• Rubber Band Ligation: It is one of the conventional methods which helps the hemorrhoid to cut it off by its own. We use a special kind of rubber band in this process.
• Coagulation: We use this process to create scar tissue on haemorrhoids to reduce the blood supply, causing the haemorrhoids to fall off eventually. This is done with the help of electric current or infrared light.
• Sclerotherapy: Sclerotherapy uses a chemical solution that is injected into internal haemorrhoids, to relieve the pain, to numb the nerves and to cause scar tissue to let the haemorrhoids fall off.
Apart from these non-surgical techniques, Home remedies are also prescribed at Dr. Nitin Garud’s center such as eating high fibre diets, using topical treatments, taking a sitz bath, applying ice packs, intaking oral pain relievers, and using medications. Some Ayurvedic medicines can also be taken which helps to cure the Initial grade of Piles.

Best Piles Treatment in Nashik

Piles are nothing but an inflammation or swelling up of tissues in the anal area. This can happen because of chronic constipation/diarrhoea, pregnancy, or extra strain during bowel movements. External Piles or Haemorrhoids is one of the most easily self-diagnosed conditions, which a lot of times people become ignorant to procure a treatment for in anticipation of the painful procedures. To help combat this fear around the treatment of piles, we at our Speciality Clinic and Hospital—Dr. Nitin Garud’s Centre, provide you with the best Piles treatment in Nashik.

Dr. Nitin Garud is a specialist in the treatment of Piles and Fistula with 14 years of experience helping patients combat conditions like Piles, keeping the patients ease and well-being at priority. Dr. Nitin Garud’s Piles and Fistula Super speciality Centre at Anand Hospital, Nashik, has been reviewed by patients as the provider of the Best Piles treatment in Nashik.

Treatment Procedures for Piles at Dr. Nitin Garud’s Speciality Centre

Piles inflammations can be present in various degrees, known as stages of inflammation of haemorrhoids. The treatments for each of these is done in a different way constituting both dietary changes and medicinal applications.

• Piles Laser Treatment: Piles can be treated without any major surgical procedures with the use of Laser Treatment Technology in order to reduce the inflammation of tissues hence eliminating the root of the cause. This procedure involves no cuts or stiches, and is done in various sessions and follow ups to completely eliminate the built up of inflammatory tissues, restoring them back to their normal body functionality. This, is one of the most trusted and opted for procedures for the treatment of Piles.
• Medicinal Remedies: In some cases where the inflammation is diagnosed at the very beginning stage of the condition, there is a scope of medicinal treatments and preventive measures that a patient needs to take care of under the supervision of a specialist like Dr. Nitin Garud, who has been practicing as a specialist in the Profession for the last 14 years having cured hundreds of patients and spreading awareness about the Prevention of Piles.
• Traditional Open Surgery: While External Haemorrhoids are easily detectable, they are self-recognizable and diagnosed. On the other hand, in cases of internal inflammation or haemorrhoids, the condition might only be seen through symptoms like anal bleeding during stools passage, anal swelling, lump in the rectum causing extreme pain. In such cases the patients usually refrain from taking any initial action until they are very sure of the condition which can lead rectum prolapse and anal cancer. At times like these the treatment of such high degree piles is done through traditional open surgical methods.

Dr. Nitin Garud’s patients have had extremely good reviews post-treatment about the prioritization of the patients’ comfortability throughout the conduct of these treatments and procedures. At Dr. Nitin Garud’s Piles and Fistula Super-Speciality Centre at Anand Hospital, you are offered the best Piles Treatment in Nashik. Your comfort and health are our main priorities.

Piles Specialist in Nashik

Dr. Nitin Garud is one of the finest piles specialist in Nashik who is popular in curing diseases such as Piles, fissures, Fistula-in-ano, Ano-rectal abscess, Pilonidal sinus etc. using most effective and convenient medical treatment, with the conventional as well as modern medical technology. Dr. Nitin Garud also give suggestions, tips and recommend exercises to his patients for their speedy recovery.
We at Dr. Nitin Garud’s piles treatment Centre diagnose the disease and take the action accordingly to lessen the trouble and get cure fast. We have a number of treatment options for our patients which consists of Laser Treatment, Injection Therapy, Stapler surgery, Rubber Band Ligation, etc. which benefits them in choosing the best treatment for them.

How do we treat Piles at Dr. Nitin Garud’s Center?

Using Non-operative treatment

Dr. Nitin Garud use non-operative methods for treating basic grade piles where Dr. Nitin Garud suggests some natural tips, gives medicines or lotions. All these medicines and tips work very well on patients and they do not get any side effects.

Using OPD treatment

• Laser Treatment
Laser treatment or Laser haemorrhoids plasty is a modern technique to cure piles and it many advantages like it is less painful and does not leave any scar on the skin. Dr. Nitin Garud’s centre is well-known for applying this technique.
• Injection Therapy or Sclerotherapy
Injection therapy is normally applied to cure haemorrhoids. Piles specialist in Nashik is popular for curing patients using injection therapy. In this method, we inject a solution into the root of the haemorrhoids. This helps the haemorrhoid to get harden and it shrinks the haemorrhoid tissue.
• Stapled haemorrhoidectomy
Stapled haemorrhoidectomy is the method used best to treat the third-degree haemorrhoids. We at Dr. Nitin Garud’s centre use the stapler and sutures to repair the expanded haemorrhoidal supporting tissue.
• Rubber-Band Ligation (Banding)
This method uses a simple technique where a small rubber band is tied over the basal part of internal haemorrhoid by our experts. This helps to cut the blood flow flowing towards haemorrhoid.

Enriched with modern equipment and technology, Piles Specialist in Nashik deliver solutions for all the problems related to piles and treat it well will more care and by taking all the preventive measures to cure the problem completely. All the patients move out happily after getting the treatment at Dr. Nitin Garud’s centre. Our expert technicians deal with the patients more politely and keep guiding them in taking proper steps to recover fast. Our cooperative staffs including nurses make the environment more healthy and pleasant with their work, cleaning and helping the patients.
Considering the rapid increase in the haemorrhoid diseases and keeping in mind the recent trends and techniques; our team always strives hard to deliver the best service and pull you out from your hidden agony and sorrow. Piles Specialist in Nashik has helped out many patients in curing fast than expected and in resuming their job early and preventing any financial loss at their respective workplace.

Top Piles Specialist in Nashik

We are one of the top Piles specialist in Nashik having a vision is to rise above the ordinary. We strive to extend world-class medical treatment to every individual, and spread awareness that will benefit the society at large. Our mission is to cure with care every disease and pain that cannot be openly discussed. We aim to treat every patient with a human touch and to work towards a healthier nation.
Dr. Nitin Garud’s Centre is a leading piles treatment centre in Nashik that deals with the care of Ano-Rectal diseases, haemorrhoids, constipation etc. by providing modern and advanced treatment for all the patients from all around the nation.

Speciality of Dr. Nitin Garud’s Health Center

We are experts in performing the surgical treatments like the Stapler Haemorrhoidopexies for Piles and laser treatment for haemorrhoids. With our mission to cure with care, we have built a team that works together hand in hand and understand the pain of the patient and strive hard to cure it by taking special care of patients. Dr. Nitin Garud’s Health Center, has succeeded in bringing down the recurrence rate for Piles effectively as compared to others and we always strive to maintain the record. Our success rate is due to our hard work and advanced techniques and methods we use.

How can Dr. Nitin Garud’s Health Centre help you?

• We are one of the top piles specialist in Nashik to use Diode Laser 1470nm 15W and which is the most latest & advanced Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment in the world right now.
• We believe in bringing the Best Super Speciality Surgeons with rich experience and highest success rates in their Speciality of Surgery.
• We have the best laser Instruments and other surgical instruments to perform the Surgeries.
• We have the best and most experienced doctors and anesthesians to perform the surgeries for piles or haemorrhoids.
• We understand Patient Care for Piles Surgery better than anyone else.
• Though we are one of the top piles specialist in Nashik, our cost of the Piles Treatment is comparatively less and the treatment is effective.

When should you consult medical help?

Initial stage of piles or small haemorrhoids or grade 1 piles may cure within a few days only with medicines and healthy diet, while larger haemorrhoids or grade 3 and 4 piles may last much longer and can be more tragic leaving you in much pain and stress. High grade haemorrhoids require surgical and laser treatments to cure completely. Low grade haemorrhoids can be managed at home along with medicines. If the patient gets severe pain or bleeding; it means that the haemorrhoids keep returning; or you are experiencing pain, bleeding and itching from the haemorrhoids after a week, patient needs to seek a doctor for assessment and treatment.
Our experts keep on telling the patients about the common symptoms and remedies to cure piles at home itself. Although, if the patient experiences dizziness, fainting, or large amounts of bleeding, this is an emergency and they should seek medical help immediately.

Best Piles Doctor in Nashik

We care for our patients who suffer from common anorectal diseases like Constipation, Piles, Fistula, and Fissure, etc. Our medical experts are specialized in diagnosing, operating, and curing all the diseases related to piles.
With regular study and research, Dr. Nitin Garud has succeeded in becoming one of the best piles doctors in Nashik. We have been implementing new and latest techniques that help cure this disease fast along with less pain. Advanced Therapies carried out at Dr. Nitin Garud’s center are highly effective in treating Piles, Anal Fistula, and Pilonidal sinus. We use surgical as well as non-surgical methods such as laser treatments to cure our patients.
Our Dr Garud Piles Fistula Superspecility Center recommend Advanced Seton Therapy that is non-surgical and requires no stay. This therapy has become widely popular, and our experts have succeeded in treating many patients using this technique. This treatment is applicable for treating old age patients also who are having multiple other diseases and co-morbidities.
Dr. Nitin Garud has made a unique combination of conventional and latest technology which includes several techniques for treating different types of piles issues.

Why are we the best at curing piles?

Dr. Nitin Garud is one of the best piles doctors in Nashik as he has delivered his patients a healthy life free of constipation and other issues affecting piles within no time. Here are a few points with which we became the best among our competitors in Nashik.

• OPD Based Treatments
We perform the OPD based procedures keeping in mind the patient’s time and health. Dr. Nitin Garud follows a therapy that requires hardly one hour to complete the procedure. We arrange local anaesthesia during this process and hence there is no risk of adverse effect on the patient’s routine.
• Tie-up with Insurance Companies
We help our patients, and we care for their money. Therefore, we try to reduce the economic burden on our patients, by availing the health insurance policies. We do the reimbursement to those patients who are admitted for 24 hrs or more.
• Pharmacy
At Dr. Nitin Garud’s Centre, experts keep themselves busy in researching new methods and techniques to prevent and cure constipation and piles. Due to their efforts and hard work. We are upgrading our treatment procedures which help us in giving outstanding performance.
• Women Piles Care and Cure
Woman’s proctology health concerns are also cured with special care and treatment by our female staff. We deliver the treatments for Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus, Constipation, and Colon Polyp, etc for women also.

Advantages of getting treatment from Dr. Nitin Garud’s Clinic

• Get treatment from the best piles doctor in Nashik.
• Proper medical care and regular health check-ups by our nurses and other staff.
• Pleasant environment and proper hygiene and cleanliness maintained in the hospital.
• All modern machinery and equipment are available for treatment.
• Healthy foods and exercises are suggested by our experts that help to cure fast.
• Treatments are so effective that the patient can return to normal activities within a shorter space of time after surgery.

Laser Treatment for Piles in Nashik

Piles, a condition of tissue swelling and damage of the anal region. There a few different ways in which these can be treated effectively. Dr. Nitin Garud’s Super-Speciality Piles and Fistula Centre, at Anand Hospital, Nashik, offers all kinds of treatments for Piles including the Laser Treatment for Piles in Nashik. The Laser treatment for Piles in Nashik is one of the best methods because of its quick results and timely recovery.
Dr. Nitin Garud is a specialist in the treatment of Conditions like Piles, and has been treating patients with his expertise in the field for the past 14 years. His patients have reviewed him to be the best doctor for not just Laser Treatment for Piles in Nashik but also for prioritizing the patients’ comfort and ease for all kinds of treatments, surgical and medicinal.

The Procedure

Laser Treatment of Piles is a kind of Laser Proctology—a term that refers to all treatment procedures for the damage and diseases of affected areas like the rectum, anus and colon through laser technology.

How does the procedure work? —The emission of Laser is targeted at the affected area(s) to burn through the tissue damage, that is cut or eliminate the affected / unwanted area of tissue damage, without using any other surgical instruments to directly cut through the skin. This surgery is deemed a lot safer than any other conventional form of surgical treatments because these shed no blood during the procedure, making it a lot less painful and a-lot-more-safe. It is a highly recommended form of treatment by doctors in such cases where there is a specific need for utmost precision.

Advantages of Laser Treatment for Piles over Medicinal and Conventional Surgical Procedures

• Quick procedure: The procedure for laser treatment is a lot faster than open internal surgical methods as well medicinal remedies. Conventional Surgeries require more precise, step by step use of methodical function, which involves treating the affected area through completely manual techniques. While Laser is a procedure that uses technological methods where a lot of steps like stiches for recovery and so on are not required. Medicinal Remedies take a longer period for the body to accept its effectiveness for recovery. These factors make Laser Treatment a lot quicker an option for the treatment of Piles.
• No cuts and Stitches: Laser treatment for Piles is a lot less painful a method than other surgical methods because there is no blood and stitches involved.
• Faster recovery: Since there are no cuts and stitches, the affected area is not exposed to as much pain post-treatment. This means, there is also lesser chance of bleeding and pain during the passage of stools. This fastens the healing process.
• Relapse rate is negligible: In normal surgical methods, there is an involvement of treating the swollen tissues and blood vessels with surgical instruments that requires cutting through the skin; this may sometimes not be suitable for a lot of different degrees of haemorrhoids and might backfire as a recurrence post treatment due to exposure to the post-surgical pain in passage of stools. While, in laser procedures, the operation is done without actually using any of the abovementioned techniques, as well as the recovery rate is faster, hence the relapse almost never happens.

The benefits of Laser Treatment for Piles are extraordinary. Get yourself treated by the most professional and safe hands of Dr. Nitin Garud, at his Super-speciality centre for Piles and Fistula, Nashik.