Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Nashik

Pilonidal sinus is a type of cyst formation containing an overgrowth of skin and hair near the tailbone that may lead to further infection if not cured timely. Symptoms for Pilonidal Sinus include redness of skin near the affected area, swelling because of pus formation, drainage through bleeding or in the form of pus.
Dr. Nitin Garud’s Super Speciality Centre, Nashik, offers the best treatments for Pilonidal Sinus and other Colon and Rectal Diseases and infections. People who have been his patients have had a highly satisfactory experience throughout all treatment procedures because of Dr. Nitin Garud’s experience and expertise in this field since the past 14 years. Pilonidal Sinus can be treated in a few different ways based on the degree of infection. At this Super-Speciality Centre by Dr. Nitin Garud, you will not only be treated and cured for the concerned infection but also get to learn ways in which you can avoid any such problems in the future.

Procedure for Pilonidal Sinus Treatment with Ksharsutra in Nashik

Ksharsutra is a popular treatment modality in India for the management of fistula-in-ano. It works by the action of excision, scraping, draining, penetrating, debridement, and sclerosing as well as healing simultaneously without a surgical excision. In cases with mild infections or recently formed cysts, the infected area can be cured through medication, like a prescribed list of Antibiotics, without any need for surgical action or incisions.

Often times people might not realise there is an abnormal growth because the part of overgrowth simply consists of extra skin and hair near the buttocks. Even though symptoms like bleeding or pus and hair growth might show up, these can easily be confused with other infectious diseases like Piles and Fistula, which may have similar symptoms. This is therefore an infection that can be diagnosed only by a medical practitioner. In such cases where there has been a prolonged period of infection before diagnosis and the cyst has grown beyond what can be medicinally cured, surgeries are needed.

Laser surgeries are some of the best options to go for the removal of a pilonidal cyst, when the infection gets severe. However, there are other methods which might sound surgical and in some form are that, they are a lot less painful and incisive than a conventional surgery. Some of these include the drainage of internal fluids from the cyst by making a small incision. Another thing that a doctor might choose as per the severity of your case is treatment through injection. However, Drainage and Injections are methods that are more suitable for moderate Pilonidal Sinuses only, and a higher degree of infection with more severe complications might most probably need a surgery.

Every individual who might get this kind of an infection will have a different case, different kinds of Cyst formation, hence a different pathway for treatment. The severity of these conditions increases with time; therefore, it is advisable that only a very practiced hand like an expert / a specialist surgeon is reached out to for any treatments and procedures.

You can now avail all kinds of Pilonidal Sinus Treatments in Nashik, at Dr. Nitin Garud’s Super-Speciality Centre, Anand Hospital, being rest assured of the best and most speedy recovery. We hope and wish for you a healthy lifestyle!